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06 sp2 or higher NOTE: It is important to obtain information from the customer regarding check engine lamp occurrences, performance concerns or exhaust smoke. Did SPN 157/FMI 16 or 520268/FMI 18 appear after the fuel system was repaired or fuel filter maintenance was performed? a. NOTE: Fuel tank level at the time the fault triggered can be viewed in extended data #5, “Enhanced Environmental Data” Fuel Tank Level.

If fuel level is below ¼ tank (or 25%), add fuel and road test vehicle. If code does not become active during road test, release the truck.

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If the fuel level is over ¼ tank (or 25%), view fuel tank level in extended data (EPA10) or question the driver about the fuel level when the code was set. If the level was under ¼ tank (or 25%), fuel sloshing in the tank could be the cause of aerated fuel that could cause this code. If the fuel level was over ¼ tank (or 25%) when the code was set, Go to step 4.

Check for fuel contamination, including Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF), water, gasoline, kerosene, coolant, etc. If contamination is found, contact the Detroit™ Customer Support Center (800-445-1980). Visually inspect for external fuel leaks on the engine and on the chassis.

Copyright © 2012 DETROIT DIESEL CORPORATION 7 13-12 7 13-12 a. If any of the additional fault codes are active, perform the associated diagnostics first: • SPN 94 / FMI 15 Fuel Filter Plugged • SPN 94 / FMI 16 Fuel Filter Plugged • SPN 97 / FMI 15 Water in the Fuel • SPN 157 / FMI 1 Rail Pressure Too High • SPN 164 / FMI (All) Rail pressure Sensor Faults • SPN 174 / FMI 0 Fuel Temperature Too High • SPN 679 / FMI 7 PLV Stuck Open • SPN 723 /FMI (all) Cam Sensor Codes • SPN 636 / FMI (all) Crank Sensor Codes • SPN 1077 / FMI 5, 6 or 14 b. If only SPN 1077/7, 157/16 or 1077/31 is present, Go to step 7.

NOTE: Do not reset this counter unless the PLV is being replaced. 08 sp2 or higher, check the value of Pressure Limiting Valve (PLV) openings. With the ignition ON (key ON, engine OFF), select the Actions tab in the top tool bar.

Change or view (E2P_RPG_CTR_PLV_OPEN) under “Extended Data Record Number 5th” list. NOTE: Engines not equipped with a Low Pressure Pump Outlet (LPPO) sensor should utilize J-48706 Fuel Diagnostic Gauge Set to monitor LPPO. Perform Automatic Fuel system integrity check (FSIC) routine using DDDL 7.

With the ignition ON (key ON, engine OFF), start the Automatic FSIC. The software/tool will ask to start the engine when required. Once the engine is running, the software will have the engine enter and exit several engine operating conditions.

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